2019 Presenters

Keynote Addresses

The largest gold deposits in Northeast Asia: the history of discoveries and exploration. A look from Russia.

Professor Nikolay Goryachev will be presenting a keynote address on the discovery and exploration of the giant gold deposits in Far Eastern Russia, one of the world’s most important gold producing regions about which most of our delegates will not be familiar. Prof. Goryachev is a chief researcher of the North East Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute in Magadan in North East Russia and has published extensively on this subject.

The Gold Deposits of China with particular emphasis on the world-class gold provinces of Jiadong (E China) and Golden Triangle (SW China) 

Professor Franco Pirajno, along with two prominent Chinese geoscientists, will be presenting a keynote address on the Gold Deposits of China. Prof. Pirajno, Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia, has devoted the past 24 years to the study of China’s mineral systems and published a book on this subject in 2015.

Company Project Country
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. Fosterville Australia
Resolute Mining Limited Tabakoroni Mali
Capricorn Metals Ltd Karlawinda Australia
ATAC Resources Ltd. Osiris Canada
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. Back River Canada
Emerald Resources NL Okvau Cambodia
K92 Mining Inc. Kora North Papua New Guinea
Bellevue Gold Limited Bellevue Australia
Xanadu Mines Ltd Kharmagtai Mongolia
Eldorado Gold Corporation Bolcana Romania
Breaker Resources NL Bombora Australia
Tietto Minerals Ltd Abujar Côte d’Ivoire
Mako Gold Ltd Napié Côte d’Ivoire
Apollo Consolidated Limited Rebecca Australia


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