History of NewGenGold

The theme and concept of NewGenGold were formulated by Keith Yates in 1994 and the first conference was held at the Burswood Convention Centre in Perth, Western Australia in 1995 in association with the Australian Mineral Foundation Inc. At that time the title of the biennial conference was New Generation Gold Mines and it was not until 2001 that the acronym NewGenGold was adopted.

Since the closure of the Australian Mineral Foundation in 2002, NewGenGold has been jointly organised by Paydirt Media Pty Ltd and Keith Yates & Associates Pty Ltd and consistently held in Perth every second November..

The very successful initial event was held after an eight year long gold exploration boom in Australia. As a result, the significant number of local discovery case histories precluded the requirement to feature additional overseas gold discoveries to fill the programme of sixteen presentations.

With only a few exceptions the 1997 and 1999 programmes featured discoveries by Australian companies located in Australia, however by 2001 the event had assumed the mantle of the world’s pre-eminent gold exploration conference featuring a truly international array of discoveries. This reputation has become firmly entrenched since then and the conference consistently features the case histories of most of the world’s more important gold discoveries attracting the sponsorship of major international gold producers and delegates from all points of the globe.

Past Conference Programmes

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